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Copyright Caleb Layton Snider

Copyright Caleb Layton Snider

INSPIRATION - After watching Billie Eilish’s music video for “when the party’s over” (below) I thought it would be really cool to take a screen grab from it and create a wire-frame design. With all the intertwining line-work it creates a very busy piece and it can be hard for your eye to easily distinguish aspects of her among the jewelry and textures. I feel this discomfort on the eye works because the video isn’t super comfortable to watch.

I felt the contrast of the bright blue hair was fitting as well and makes the piece really pop.


I experimented with different color combinations to see what looked best as a wire-frame. I ran a poll and the results came back very scattered and not in overwhelming favor of any one version; goes to show how everyone has different tastes.

The first version you see here is the original rotoscope that later became the wire-frames.

Billie og.jpg
Billie Blueprint.jpg
Copyright Caleb Layton Snider

Copyright Caleb Layton Snider

billie web.jpg

After I finished I wanted to make the piece into a motion graphic to show people where the inspiration came from. I animated it to the part of the video where the original photo was made from. Here’s how it turned out:

If you’re interested in one of these Billie Eilish prints, don’t hesitate to contact me.